5 Lavish Green Stays in Igatpuri

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Most Indian tourists aren’t familiar with the name of Igatpuri as this hill station is not as famous as others. However, this hill town is the best one for spending your vacation in solitude. A city, where nobody comes to distract you, nobody interrupts your peace of mind. If getting disconnected from the tech-centric, busy world is what you desire, Igatpuri is the best location to choose for you. The eternal greenery of the Western Ghats has been an attraction for tourists from different cities and portions of India. You might get better views of the mountain ranges from the famous hill stations. But the visuals of the Western Ghats from Igatpuri will take you to another world. And to make your stay comfortable, there are quite a few homestays available for you to enjoy the real essence of nature wherever you go in Igatpuri. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best resorts in Igatpuri.

Tropical Retreat Resort Igatpuri

This perfectly designed resort in the countryside city will increase your enthusiasm for traveling to the next level. The exotic guest treatment of the resort is incomparable and sophisticated. High-class residing experience is assured as you book this resort for staying in Igatpuri. The luxurious and premium rooms of the resort are equipped with the latest features and essential amenities. In addition to that, the resort is packed with a bunch of luxurious elements like outdoor pools, hanging balconies, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Also, the resort offers free Wi-Fi, hot tubs, flat-screen TVs to ensure guest amusement. You get the best views of the Western Ghats from the dedicated balconies, yards, and lawns of the resort. The resort also has a garden specially equipped with playful elements for kids. So, book Tropical Retreat Resort Igatpuri for having a lovely holiday.

The Herb Farm Resort

Staying in delightful bungalows in a hill station like Igatpuri is an amazing experience and every traveler wants to feel that. The Herb Farm Resort is designed specially so that the guests feel relaxed while being in touch with nature. You can walk through the leafy lawns around your bungalow and breathe the fresh mountain air to forget the stress of your daily life. The collaboration of natural views and luxurious amenities have turned the resort into one of the best accommodation options in Igatpuri. There’s no doubt that this lucrative resort is suitable for all types of guests. Free parking facilities, complimentary breakfast options, and other facilities like outdoor pools and rooftop dinners make this resort a special one for guests. So, it would be a wiser choice to opt for this resort while you’re having a trip to Igatpuri.

Nature’s Dreamland Holiday Home

This versatile resort will help you get a home-like feeling as long as you stay here. You’ll feel very comfortable and energized due to the peaceful and calm atmosphere of the resort. You will feel nature’s blessing as you roam around the local areas of the resort. The resort is placed in a destination that has a decent, soothing environment. The nearby attractions are also remarkable and you and your family will love visiting those destinations on and off. Looking at the photogenic Western Ghats through your window will give you the utmost pleasure. The resort has a dedicated kids’ space where your kids will be able to spend quality time. The availability of delicious foods and other convenient services makes this resort an excellent choice for spending your holiday in Igatpuri. So, don’t think much and book this resort to have comfortable accommodation in Igatpuri.

Nature’s Leap Resort

This is another outstanding option for staying in Igatpuri with your family and friends. Though this resort is mainly couple-friendly, you can accommodate here with your family and kids as well. The stonework around the resort makes it look fabulous and gorgeous. The decent indoor lighting conditions and decorations of the resort are visual treats to watch. Apart from that, convenient room service facilities, outdoor pools, complimentary breakfasts, and free parking are other elements to notice about this hotel. The resort is constructed over a large area and that’s why the rooms and suites of the resort are spacious and well-decorated. Most importantly, you can frame incredible pictures of the Western Ghats from the rooftop viewing points of the resort. So, don’t consider other options when you’re getting a great booking package from this resort including all luxurious features and amenities.

Dew Drops Boutique Retreat

Unlike other resorts, this one includes an open-air food court and dine-in options. You can feel the original flavor of the countryside as you stay in this resort. The classy and expensive decoration of the resort will make you feel blessed to stay here. Alongside, the premium facilities offered by the resort are highly appraisable and the gestures of the resort staff are fair enough too. The presence of a dedicated playground inside the resort premises makes this resort a special one for accommodation purposes. Also, the complementary facilities like free Wi-fi, indoor parking, guided sightseeing are other reasons to love this resort. Naturally, the warm ambiance of the resort is way better than other resorts available in Igatpuri. So, it’s better to select this resort over other options if you’re looking for a delicate resort in Igatpuri.

These are the lovely accommodation options for you if you’re having a trip to Igatpuri. So, choose one of these options and have a blissful holiday.

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