Hard Rock Cafe, Saket

hard rock cafe

Hard Rock is a worldwide renowned brand with its franchises present all across the globe. Its one of the biggest brands in the world at present. Besides cafe, they also run their hotels and casinos all across the globe. In India they are present in Goa, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangaluru, Gurugram and Hydereabad. They got their hotel too in India, Goa; rest all across India, they just got cafe and bars. Also they have their shops for their merchandise with every outlet they got.

The one we are talking about is Hard Rock Cafe, Saket, New Delhi. This was the fourth cafe of Hard Rock to open in India. Speaking about the area, the cafe is on the 2nd floor of metropolitan mall in saket.

As for the interiors, its pretty amazing how they have utilised the area and set up the bar and stage. There are two dine in areas in the cafe and a bar area just in front of the stage. Both the bar and the stage are pretty big. Also there are a few couch’s seating just in front of the stage.

hard rock cafe

Place like this, has to have a impressive drinks menu and the place itself is a crave-yard for people for drinks. And if we talk about drinks, there has to be food as well. Although I could get my hands on very few of them, but whatever there was on my table, it was succulent.

The place is as famous for its events throughout. They are having live performances on regular basis. Also the offers they run are not the one you can neglect.

hard rock

Though they charge you entry fee, but also they provide you with the coupons worth the same amount they charge you for your entry. You can have anything from the menu in exchange of those coupons worth the same amount.

hard rock cafe

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