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Spezia Bistro, a pocket friendly bistro in GTB Nagar….famous amongst students for its astonishing menu and finger licking dishes….I was here to have some bites, but the place quickly grabbed my attention for its vintage SPEZIA theme…

A bistro with the feel of little Italiano, as most of the interiors done are of wood….they got the counter as well with wooden finish, there were wooden pillars with flowers on it, large swing at the last corner…they also had small cake section with the counter on front….besides, also they got screen where they were playing tom n jerry. Ace move to play the legendary animated clips on big screen.

After basking in the interiors of the place, I had a few dishes ordered there. Some of them were corn and mushroom melt crystal dim-sums, macho nacho combo, thai chilli basil noodle, mexican treasure pizza, chenzi cottage cheese and chelo kebab platter with a few mocktails and a couple of desserts to follow.

The dim-sums were super yum, tasted very good….the mexican treasure pizza, base was very thick, thick enough to fill ones tummy, loaded with cheese and toppings, tasted so well that it stands way above other pizzas of those pocket friendly joints offering the same of similar standards….the macho nacho combo was also very much loaded with stuffs like onion rings, french fries, cheese etc…other than these the chelo kebab platter was very delicious and one of the best amongst all….

Apart from the snacks there were mocktails to accompany the bites…there were rocky road brownie shake and watermelon mojito….the rocky road brownie shake came in small flower pot with mint leaves on top and brownie chunks spread on the top of shake…looked like a small plant in a pot…and the other mocktail I had was watermelon mojito, it was watermelon cut in half and the the drink was served in it with crushed ice in it….

At last, there were desserts, firstly there was chocolate brownie sundae…it was served in a similar fashion as rocky road brownie shake…and the other dessert was chocolate cigar…it looked like an actual cigar nd was served on as ash tray….it was a treat to eyes nd taste buds…..

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