Twigly an online kitchen in Gurgaon sector 31, got some amazing options in their menu to offer. The food tastes amazing, the delivery radius they cover is pretty wide, the packaging of the food is good. 

I had a “Pesto Cottage cheese and sun dried tomatoes sandwich”, an alfredo pasta in penne, blueberry brain freezer milk shake and a falafel hummus n pita (mezze platter).

Everything I had was damn good but the PENNE PASTA was so amazing to have, it had the right amount of cheese sauce in it, making it not too much cheesy, the exotics in it like broccoli to make one crave for the pasta even more.

SANDWICH was again some treat for my taste buds. Sun dried tomatoes and pesto cottage cheese in the multigrain bread made an amazing combination with the sauce they spread in the bread. It wasn’t like any ordinary cottage cheese and tomato sub, it was something different n BETTER.

And then came the mezze platter, this one is my personal all time favourite so I saved it for last to eat. But after having all those already I m not sure whats the better of the lot. Although it was good too and came upto the expectations after having those two extraordinary treats but still didn’t tasted much different from the other mezze platters I had previously. What I liked about the platter was the softness and the binding of the falafel. Generally in home delivery options the falafel doesn’t remain as good as it was.

Then also there was this blueberry milkshake. At first I wasn’t sure about having it or let someone else try it first but the first sip of it was heavens. Crushed blueberries in the shake and the juice of berries mixed in the milk made it so well.

At last, the menu, its like a perfect menu, not too long to confuse the customer and not too less. Also they keep on changing their menus time to time which is a great thing to do.

I would give a strong 4/5

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