The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower 1

The Clock Tower is a really cool place to hangout with friends. They got a lower deck, upper deck and the terrace, the best part of the restaurant. It has such a nice and unique ambience, with the clock on the top to the stone walls in the lower deck, the retro music, the outside seating area, the terrace seating area…there’s so much to it for the ambience. They have detailed the place in every aspect they can. Every bit complements for the ambience.

Staff is also well trained and attentive. Friendly service makes you enjoy your experience and the food the restaurant got to offer you. 

Now comes the main part, food.

To start with, we got these amazing orange cinnamon shots. Then came the tasters for the freshly brewed beers they got. We had dahi ke kebab and jalapeño poppers for starters accompanied with the pizza. Dahi ke kebabs and the Jalapeño poppers, both were too amazing. One of the best I have had till now in Delhi NCR.

Then came the main course, vegetable Thai curry with steamed rice and a pink sauce Alfredo pasta. Curry was a bit spicy but all in all was good but the pasta wasn’t that good as the other items we had.

The Clock Tower 6

To end the meal, we had tiramisu, benoffee pie and the chocolate cake for desserts, and I got to say all of them were heavens. It was like a sin to leave a single bite of any of the three.

The Clock Tower 7

We also had the fresh brewed beers. I had a 10.5% alcohol beer and it was really very smooth. We also had a jin tonic cocktail along with a whiskey cocktail. Gin tonic cocktail was a bit too sweet but the whiskey one was good.

So it would be like:

Ambience 5/5
Service 5/5
Food 4.5/5 
Music 4.5/5

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