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Taksim is in Ansal Plaza, South-Ex. It is on the second and third floor of the mall, though the entry is from back, you come in getting the glimpse of fabulous outdoor seating. In fact its not just for a glimpse, you get to get in from there only, and that is the outdoor area for seating. Inside, on the ground level, there is seating for some about 30 people I guess. They are organising live performances from time to time and the band is also set up on the ground level only. The bar too is present at the ground level. Then there is upper deck for DJ and two private tables, and then there is a private area for private parties on the top level.

I was here with friends for some gala dinner and to my say, I was amused by the ambience at first and then the food served, must say we had fantabulous experience. They were having sufi night, band called the turban band were playing for the night, their performance too was breathtaking amazing. As for Taksim, great ambience, friendly staff, quick service, all in all it was a luminous package.

The outdoor seating too is with an elegant ambience, decors of plants, mini bar for hukka at the corner, long tables, we so wanted to get a table their but the tables were already occupied. We sat inside and to our luck the when the performance started, we were seating closest to the band.

The ambience of the whole place was nicely done, to mention the wooden work, the lamps, live music, bar, barrels, hukka shelf on the stairs walls etc. Also, they have to offer the live screening of sports activities going on around the globe, there was too much for us to gulp in.

We had a few cocktails to start with, started with bloody orange, it was vodka based cocktail, well balanced between the fruits and alcohol, one of the signature cocktails they have. Also I had a red wine sangria.

For the munchies we had salads to start with, fresh veggies, peanuts and the sausages, all the ingredients required to make a salad great were there and in right proportions and the bonus it was dressed on lettuce leaf. Now speaking of the lettuce, not everywhere you get well cooked lettuce for salads, mostly its left under cooked, not the case it was with the salad served to us.

Also we had dahi ke sholey and broccoli dimsums for the starters. Dimsums were very luscious, it had fresh broccoli and chopped almonds in the fillings, giving a great treat to the tastebuds, but I personally didn’t find dahi ke sholey as good as I have had in the past from many other places. Dahi ke sholey didn’t amused me a bit.

Even we were almost full with what we had for starters but still had a pizza and some mains.

For mains we had dal makhani with breads, Thai curry and rice, the curry was too good, ousted the other dishes we had, the most mouth watering dish of the lot was Thai curry. Also there were a few desserts ordered by us, though we were full but couldn’t resist the curiosity we had for desserts.

Also to mention they got some pretty good hukka options in their sheesha menu and pretty well made. For one of the best hukkas I had in the town, Taksim made in to the list.

Food 4.5/5
Drinks 4/5
Presentation 5/5
Ambience 4.5/5
Service 4/5
Staff 4/5 

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  1. There is something so enticing about your pictures … I want to go each place you write about. Will be visiting Taksim and trying the recommended Thai Curry! Thank you!

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