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Scooter on the Wall is a casual dining place in SDA market of South Delhi. They got a nice little space for some 20-25 people (max) seating availability at a moment. The place have got pretty decent ambience and seatings arrangements. They also got scooter parts to play the role of decors and tables, there are a few swings, plus a couple of small open cabins type of private places for gatherings of 6-7 each. There’s also a mini bar, which serves very nice sheeshas, mocktails and shakes; alcohol is not served at this place at the moment, but may be in future they do start serving that too.

Having being speaking of the drinks, I had a mocktail ordered soon enough before seeing the menu even. I had an a antioxidant. It was a combination of a few fruit juices (raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and orange juice to be precise) with soda, and since I love fruit juices, it was bound to happen that I like the drink. Other than antioxidant I also had a dark chocolate orange shake, that too was pretty awesome. A dark chocolate shake with orange peel in it for the mixed essence of dark chocolate and orange in a shake, brilliantly done it was. Also we had a kala khatta drink.

For the munchies there were mushrooms, pita bread with hummus, chineese bhel, dahi ke kebab and burgers. To start with, there was mushroom garlic toast, it was a tasty mushroom with cheese and garlic on it. Then there was one of the best starters of the evening, hummus and pita bread with falafel. The falafel was so succulent, I had a few with pita bread and hummus, knowing that there are still some dishes to come that we ordered. Then there was chineese bhel to follow with dahi ke kebab and the burgers. Dahi ke kebab were very good, served with dip and onion rings, luscious is the word. Another recommended snack of the evening was their burgers. There was a burger platter with three mini burgers; two non-veg and one veg burger.

By the moment we headed for the mains, we already had filled our tummy, still managed to have some of it though. We had dal makhani and paneer tikka masala with some hari mirch ki roti for breads. Dal and paneer were both good and toothsome.

Apart from all this, the service was up to the mark, it was fast and quick. Staff was very decent, wasn’t panicking or delaying the orders and services due to high rush.

Service 4/5

Staff 4/5

Ambience 4.5/5

Food 4.5/5

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