Perch Wine n Coffee, VK

Perch Wine n Coffee, VK 1

Perch wine n coffee bar, as in the name, they expertise in their wines n coffees. They got different variations of coffees and wines in their menu. One of the lot is coffee sangria. 

They are present here in vasant vihar market and in khan market as well. The ambience of this place is very english, not much of seating available though but they still managed a separate smoking zone.

Food u get here will be of Italian kitchen, we ordered grilled asparagus n mozzarella and palm hearts and butternut squash for starters. Palm hearts salad is a nice option to go for if you are a salad person and asparagus with mozzarella is even better.

Perch Wine n Coffee, VK 2

As for mains we had asparagus risotto, grilled halloumi and rosemary baked camembert. Asparagus risotto was astonishing, probably the very best dish of the whole dinner we had there. Grilled halloumi was also succulent but nothing as compared to risotto, but the camembert was astounding.

Banana sponge with honeycomb ice cream was served for the desserts and also we had a white wine n coffee sangria.

Perch Wine n Coffee, VK 5

Food 4/5
Service 3.5/5
Ambience 3.5/5
Staff 3.5/5 

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