Pebble Street, CP

pebble street

Being going to the nfc outlet of Pebble Street for so long, now there’s a second outlet for the pebble street in CP. Its been quite sometime now since the second outlet opened. The place have been a benchmark place for people in south delhi. Having opened up in CP too adds an option for peeps to enjoy the same high quality ambience, food, service, cocktails other than in nfc only.


They have the ambience with the look and feel of european style street cafes. Food they offer are from Continental, Italian, Tex Mex and Indian cuisines. Also to add wide range of stand out cocktails from the bar. Also they got the live screening of sports and groovy music being played by the in house DJ. Unlike many other resto-bars, they have different events throughout the week; karaoke nights, sufi nights, open mic are some of the events to name.

I was here to have some gala time with friends and to admit we got more than that. We had dahi ke kebab, mini pita bites, sun dried tomato and pesto garlic bread and veg kebab platter for snacks with some great cocktails.

Garlic bread had pesto sauce spreading with sun dried tomatoes topping giving it the splendid taste on whole. Veg kebab platter had tandoori aloo, paneer tikka and veg kebabs served with dip. There was pita bread with hummus, there was salad and there was mini burgers with fries and mayonnaise.

Also we had coco mojo, a great cocktail in coconut with coconut water in the base mixed with some decent amount of liquor. Then there was whiskey sour and coronarita as well for drinks. Sangria and a few more of the cocktails were ordered by us.

Food was amazing as expected from the past experience of nfc outlet, for drinks coronarita was something new I had, it had margarita in the mug and corona on top with a nozzle giving the blend of both. Out of the box thinking….amazing cocktail.

Also we had a few desserts, recommendations would go for insanity in a jar and blueberry creme pie, blueberry creme pie was the best of all.

Ambience 4.5/5

Food 4.5/5

Drinks 5/5

Service 4/5

Desserts 5/5

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