Ministry of Beer

Finally I was at the Ministry of Beer after a long time’s desire to visit the place once atleast. The place is huge, and have been hefty on ambience. The ambience was pretty nice and was very different. As the name says, ministry of beer, they have to have house brewery and so they had. As for seating, they got three floors for seatings with some open area seating as well. I was seated on the second floor, the ground floor indoor seating was tiny with only about 10-15 people to accommodate their. They also got a mini bar their on the ground floor and their was a bar on the second floor too where I was sitting, so am assuming there would have been another bar on the first floor too.

Also to mention, they got two outlets, this one in CP outer circle and the other one in sec 29, Gurugram.

The time I went there, there was some sushi festival going on, so the main focus on that day was completely on sushis. Apart from sushis, we were enjoying the dumplings too along with some beers. The presentation of the food was nice. Since am a vegetarian, so it was suppose to happen, getting less options for sushis and dumplings, sad, as there were quit some varieties for non vegetarians. Any ways, still what I had was luscious. Both Sushis and Dumplings were too good to have. 

Then there was the main course, we were served with some good dal makhani, vegetable biryani, raita and lamb chops (for the non vegetarians amongst the group). I liked dal makhani alot, it was very much mouth watering and so was veg biryani, as per the non vegetarians words, the lamb chops too were toothsome. So for the final verdict, food was very good, very delicious.

Now the focus’s on staff and service, staff was well managed, mannered, knew about the menu, was polite and friendly. Service was a bit slow, but that was bound to happen as there was huge rush. We were lucky enough to grab a table.

Also there was some live performance preparations for the night. It was kind of bonus for us, as we weren’t expecting to enjoy live music as well. Also there was live screening of the matches going on before the performance started.

So, on the whole it was a great experience there. Definitely gonna visit again.

  • Ambience 5/5
  • Food 4/5
  • Service 4/5
  • Staff 4.5/5
  • Music 4.5/5

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