Levels, HKV

Levels, HKV 1

Levels in Hauz Khaas Village, a place to hangout with friends, dine out, have a couple of drinks, enjoy the music, groove your feets, give a treat to your taste buds. They got very good snacks in multiple cuisines to offer i.e European, Mexican, Mediterranean, Italian, Indian, Continental. Also there are some great cocktails to order from.

I was here with a few of my friends. The ambience here is uncluttered, they got 2 floors of indoor seating, one of which is for the parties, got a dance floor as well. They have a bar on both the floors, apart, also they got an open seating on terrace, the view from terrace in HKV is indefinitely awesome.

We opted to try out a few dishes and not to stick to a particular menu. As for drinks we had a few cocktails and a beer bucket, also we had a one of the great hukkas being served in HKV.

First came the greek salad, it was one of the finest salads you can have, finely chopped lettuce (which is mostly the problem with salads, lettuce) and asparagus to add an extra wow to the salad.

We also had mezze platter, kebab platter, mirch malayi tikka, dahi ke kebab, spinach lasagne and pizzas.

Spinach lasagne was very delicious, served with garlic bread, quantity too was well enough for two to have it, one of the best dishes I had there and also one of the best spinach lasagne I had till date.

I would also recommend to try their dahi ke kebab. The kebabs were very finely cooked and once u had them, you will definitely have the craving to have more of them.

Levels, HKV 9

For drinks we were having a bucket of bira, a few whiskey sour for the usuals. But the drink that took away all the attention from other things on table was “bulldog”, large glass with ice filled in it and two pints inserted upside down in the ice…thats bulldog for you…

Then came the desserts, two hot and fresh brownies with vanilla scoops on top and chocolate syrup to add on the treat for taste buds.

Levels, HKV 12

Ambience 4.5/5
Music 4/5
service 4/5
food 4.5/5
drinks 4.5/5
desserts 4.5/5 

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