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Any outlet in sector 29, Gurugram, whether you are visiting or planning to visit, there’s one thing that comes to your mind and i.e brewery. The sector is famous for its micro breweries, though this time I was more into cocktails and food. Still I took a dig for their fresh brewed beers too, but just had the tasters for them and I found the Pilsner Beer very much of my taste.

So, The Hook, did heard about this place a lot from friends and decided to go and try this place too, by the ratings it can be measured what kind of experience I would have had their. By saying experience, one can take the food, drinks, service, ambience, atmosphere, music, and any thing considerable in the account.

Just to mention, I ordered:

To chew: 

  • The Vegetarian Platter: A platter of paneer tikka, tandoori broccoli, afghani soya chaap and dahi cheese kebabs.
  • Mushroom Risotto: Risotto prepared with white sauce, specifically be cheese and mushroom sauce with mushroom chunks in it.
  • Dal Makhani Platter: A very good dal makhani, good in taste and very well quantity, served with two lachha parathas. Though the options were for either lachha paratha or rice, I opted for the breads.
  • Paneer Lababdar Platter: Another main course platter. A veg curry with cottage cheese cubes in it and served with garlic naan. 
  • Tiramisu: A light and soothing dessert in a shot glass, very well presented. Fyi its a coffee flavoured dessert, loved by many.

To drink:

  • Caprioska: A nice vodka based cocktail, a bit sweet, light cocktail to lighten up the mood. Ingredients be lemon chunks, lime juice, sugar with soda.
  • Sex on the Beach: Another vodka based cocktail, mixed with a few fruit juices to keep it on a sweeter note. Fruit juices be of peach, orange, lime, cranberry and schnapps.
  • LIIT: Prepared with four poisons to get you high, four poisons be gin, vodka, tequila and rum. The cocktail is mixed with lime juice and soda to sooth the taste buds as well.
  • Rusty Nail: A scotch based cocktail, infused with drambuie. Drambuie is a liqueur made of scotch whiskey, honey, spices and herbs. The cocktails gets real strong and is very good if you like your drink to be as strong as it can be.

Final verdict: 5/5  

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