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And so I was here at Diva Spiced, Lodhi Road, Finally!!! Its situated in the meherchand market. Had tried out their other restaurants in GKII, Khan Market, Sunder Nagar by the names of PDA, Latitude, ATM respectively and I have had amazing experiences their in the past. But one thing that all of those are Italian Cuisine restaurants, while this one here is a Chinese, Pan Asian Cuisine restaurant. They absolutely nailed it when its about the food. Its not like that their services lacked anywhere, but the food, the main part played its role. Stunning ambience, great hospitality, the food presentation everything was just near perfection, won’t say perfect cz their’s always some room for improvements.

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While I was here for a dinner, I had quite a meal. I started with a Tomato consommé with the fragrant of lemon grass served with glass noodles and fresh cherry tomatoes. It was oozing the quality of a clear soup, though the black pepper in the soup got me. This was followed by the dumpling “roasted pumpkin, shiitake and truffle oil”. There was a red quinoa salad with goji berry and popi seed dressing, a small plate of taro and water chestnut satay. Then we started the main course with probably the best dish of the evening i.e “Yam and Lychee curry with Cheddar Bao”. The Bao had the filling of cheddar cheese in it and the curry, damn good curry it was. I might not have had a better curry than this. There was one more dish that I had there for the evening before going for the desserts, and it was “Tofu steak with lemon coconut sauce, grilled pineapple, Burmese coconut rice”. It would had been better if we had that bao later as this dish here was succulent but couldn’t leave a mark as we already the best of the lot. Also I personally don’t have a taste for coconut.

Now for the desserts we opted to try a several few of them, we had black rice pudding, chocolate panache with sesame gajak & honeycomb ice cream, japanese cheesecake with apricot glaze and puto, coconut jelly & dalle-infused pineapple. Not a big fan of sweets I am, but I liked the chocolate panache with gajak.

On the whole, it was a nice evening with some delicious food. Definitely coming back here. 

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  1. The food looks delicious. There are few places we are planning to visit after this corona is over. Thanks for the recommendation

    1. Food presentation looks so perfect. I love food and cooking. That’s most useful to who are fond of food. I wish I will visit this place.

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