Desi Bistro, VK

Desi Bistro, VK 1

Desi Bistro in vasant kunj is a home delivery outlet, they are serving multi cuisine food. The delivery range is good, food packaging and quantity was also good, infact I would say, better than most. I recently had a get together at home, so I opted to try this place. Gladly I dont have any regret for ordering from this place.

Desi Bistro, VK 2

I ordered veg tacos, pita bread filled with felafel, syam savera kofta, veg biryani, kasundi roll, imly french fries, paneer and spinach cob and for desserts we had mousse. As per my preference, all of them were very good especially the kasundi roll, so damn good it was, also the imly french fries, a differently flavoured french fries, nice thinking.

Pita bread filled with felafel, it was too good, they made small 4-5 puffs kind portions to serve better and it was the better way, better than felafel roll.

Desi Bistro, VK 5

I am not a big fan of rolls, but got to admit, their kasundi roll was damn good, the filling in it with cheese, everything was done perfectly. Not any filling was in excess nor anything felt like missing, simply amazing.

Paneer and spinach cob, I dont get to cob so regularly, when a dish u doesnt get so easily, and when u do, nd u get so delicious, its a sin to resist urself from having it. (P.s: it was served with some potato wedges).

Syam savera kofta served with a naan, koftas were of spinach, veg biryani was also good, it was served with salan n raita.

Also there was waffle arabiatta falafel. The best part was that even in the delivery, the bread didn’t got soggy at all. It still felt so fresh.

Desi Bistro, VK 8

To end with, there were some desserts too. Desserts were straight from the bakery “Moj”. That bakery too is their feather only.

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