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Ching Shihh is a restaurant with Chinese and Asian Cuisine. It is in the logix city centre, Sec 32, Noida. The interiors of the restaurant is touchy to somewhat Chinese infrastructures. The place has the feel of a fine dine restaurant with not much of ambience the restaurant got, they have kept it very classy. For attractions, they got a ship wheel for show. There are dining tables for bigger groups and tables for smaller groups.

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I was here with a few friends for a dinner. The presentation and quantity of the food was very good. Whether its the cutlery or its the way the food and drinks are served, it was very impressive. We had quite a few dishes and some mocktails. Since I was the only vegetarian in the group, I was the one ordering vegetarian dishes. I ordered:

Broccoli Almond Dumplings (for starters): There were five dumplings served with stuffing of broccoli and almonds on the top. It was a heavenly feeling having them treated with my taste buds.

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Broccoli, Snow Peas and Asparagus in Cantonese sauce (for mains): It was for the main course, to be eaten with rice or noodles. All the three mentioned veggies were boiled and served in cantonese sauce.

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Stir Fried Vegetables in Soya Garlic Sauce (for mains): Another main course dish with assorted vegetables stir fried and served in soya garlic sauce. There were three options for sausages to be served in for the veggies, we opted for soya garlic sauce.

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Hawker Street Noodles (for mains): It was one of the noodles we ordered, which can be eaten by both vegetarians and non vegetarians. To my personal experience, I liked this better than the chilly garlic noodles.

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Chilly Garlic Noodles (for mains): It was a bit more spicy than I though it would be. Still good to eat it was.

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Sizzler Brownie (for desserts): The evergreen concept of a vanilla ice cream on top of a chocolate brownie, but still favourable. Just there was one difference, as the name says; platter, it was to be served in a sizzler plate, though it was not as per the availability.

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Coconut Ice cream (for desserts): The bowl in which this was served was pretty eye catchy. There were three scoops of ice cream in it with the essence of coconut in it and nuts on top as for dressing.

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Shirley’s Temple (for drinks): Its a sweet lime and sprite based drink with grenadine in it. 

Black Lotus (for drinks): It was a cola based drink with ginger soaked in it.

Also there were many Non-vegetarian dishes in our order, but being a vegetarian, I didn’t had them so can’t review them either.

Be it starters, mains, desserts or drinks, everything was very good. There was no such loopholes to point, even if considering the service.

My take;

Food 4/5

Service 4.5/5  

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