Bask in the sweetness of the desserts

Bask in the sweetness of the desserts 1
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So here’s a take on the bakery in GK1, Bliss bakery. Nice little bakery it is. They got plenty of cakes, pastries, ice creams, hot n cold drinks, snacks etc. Taking a not from my personal experience again, I had a lovely time there. I had sandwiches, I had cakes, I had ice creams, shakes and lots of gupshup. I had pita bread there too, there were two dips and hummus in a jar. They also got cupcakes.

The place had seating for two inside the bakery and about 6-7 people can be seated outdoors. Mostly the crowd here is for takeaways or to have a quick bite.

So the first thing I dug in was pita bread with dips. As I said, hummus was in the jar, so having the hummus on pita bread was resulting in loads of hummus on the bread. Anyways, who doesn’t like hummus, the more on bread the more succulent it gets. Then there were sandwiches, I had veg grilled sandwich, again a mouth watering eatable from their kitchen. There were more sandwiches but being a vegetarian, I only got to try the veg one. They are the house bakers, so the breads had to be fresh and so they were.

Then came the cakes, pastries and ice creams. There were lots of options to try from and we ordered so very much, that it got too much and it was too much of sweetness for us now.

On the whole, the experience was very nice. Its husband and wife owned bakery and is run by them only. So naturally there had to be a story and so there was one. They had us tried their three special cup cakes, and each one had a story. There was one for Delhi as they are in Delhi, one was for London as they met there and the last one was for Paris, they want to visit the country. Sweeeet! Dessert or Story ? 😉 Both   

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