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A luxury dine in bistro in Sunder Nagar, earlier it was just a private members only club but now they have opened their doors for general public as well. Although they still have some parts of their club for private members only. The whole place is divided into two parts generally, one is A Ta Maison, that is for members only and the other part is ATM Bistro, that is for general public. Kitchen and bar for both are the same only. There are two floors on the whole, on 1st floor they have ATM Bistro, which comprises of dine in area for general public as well as members, if you notice you will see a wine cellar too in the dine in area, also they got a common bar area for members and general public, and the 2nd floor they have some open area for seatings during winters, they have sun room and they got a cigar room. Both sun room and cigar rooms are awesome; cigar room got lots of cigars, books, a desktop and a big LED TV; whereas sunroom is made up of glasses and has marshal speaker set up for members to play their own music, it too got a big LED TV and some indoor games. The second floor is A Ta Maison and is totally a members only area.

The ambience of the place is very English. The concept, the interiors, furnishings, cuisine etc all gives the essence of European touch. Pretty neat interiors, not too loud, utilised the dine in area very well, they got a dine in area with three tables of four for members only, they also got a few tables of three and big table for approximately ten. Also there is an option to sit and have a few drinks at the bar counter for four.

The collection in their bar is very impressive, and the bar menu too is very impressive. I have had a few drinks at the bar before moving to dine in for food. I had a scotch based cocktail (namely: old fashioned) and its the best drink I had their. Anyhow, old fashioned is always good to have. Other drink I had was Girvan Smash, its a vodka based cocktail with sea salt, frosty slush in it and litchi on top. I also had a Vodka Sour and Red Wine Sangria. And the pumpkin chips served with the drinks were a bonus, those chips were too good.

After a few drinks, there was still some craving left for the food too. To start with, there was Boa, I had crispy iceberg lettuce with basil and garlic caponata. Then there was a starter, Beetroot Tartare with filo crips and goat cheese. For the mains there was Parmesan Ravioli with black pepper foam and for the desserts we were served with a Benoffee Pie. Food and desserts, both were toothsome. Although, my recommendation would be for ravioli and benoffee pie. The parmesan ravioli was very succulent and the black pepper foam on it, superb! Now, I have had benoffee pie from many places, never one like this one.

For this place, I can say the best staff and the best service they got. Very hard it is to get this good service and staff. Very quick service, and well mannered & knowledgeable staff.

Food 4.5/5

Drinks 5/5

Staff 5/5

Service 5/5

Ambience 5/5

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