Asian Town, Fort

Asian Town, Fort 1

And so was the day for another exploration. The previous two days and two outlets were very much on the expectations so was this one. As per the experience I had in the past two days, my bar of expectations were risen and this place did everything so neatly to keep the dice rolling, smoothly. Asian Town was the place I visited on my third day in Mumbai, but again in the Fort area. It is an Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai cuisine casual cum fine dining bar restaurant. And again it was solo visit just like the previous two.

Asian Town, Fort 2

I have been all praise for services and staff of restaurants in my previous 2 blogs, Asian Town was no less. Another thing, that’s same in all my three visits was, I visited them all in the festive seasons or dry days, thus no cocktails.

Asian Town, Fort 3

So my complete meal here had;

  • Asparagus Tempura with Wasabi cream (Sushi)
  • Chestnut Dimsums (Water Chestnuts, Napa Cabbage and Spinach)
  • Kung Pao Potato with Okra
  • Chocolate Whiskey Pot (Dark Chocolate Dessert)

The meal was full of delicacy. I also had a watermelon based invigorating mocktail to pair the food with. All the three dishes were absolutely scrumptious; the best of the three being the sushi. After the meal I opted for chocolate whiskey pot. I would have loved to try a few more dishes here, I already was tempted by a few more from the menu which I will definitely try on my next visit here.

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