Asia Central

Asia Central 1

Asia Central is delivery only outlet, having only two outlets in Delhi and both being present in south delhi only. They serve Asian, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine food. Their kitchen opens up at 12 in the noon and caters till 1 at night.

Asia Central 2

I had dinner ordered from this place, the packaging was very nice, all boxes packed in hard paper box. Quantity was much for 2-3 people to eat at once.

What I had was:

  • Spicy asparagus crystal dumplings: This was the most luscious of all, that includes the desserts too. Finely chopped asparagus in a dumpling, it even sounds so magnetic. 
  • Crispy lotus stem: Crispy sliced lotus stems with honey on them, definitely gonna be a wonder snack. A bit too sweet though, but that was the part of honey, sweet.
  • Molten chocolate cake: A sinful dessert, yes, molten chocolate cake is always toothsome. The cake was very soft and fresh, and not to forget the molten chocolate stuffed in it. 
  • Exotic vegetables oyster sauce: For exotic vegetables there were shiitake, broccoli and baby pokchoy, all the oyster sauce. It was a read gravy curry from mains, broccoli and pok choy, again the evergreen veggies, always good to have in any dish, be it salads, be it curries.
  • Garlic fried rice: Simple fried rice they were with the fried and chopped garlic topped on it. Yet the taste and essence of garlic was there in every bite.

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