Bliss Bakery: A tale of Sweetness

Bliss Bakery: A tale of Sweetness 1

Snacks and savouries, cakes and pastries, thats what bakes a bakery.  Other than this, you get to enjoy shakes and ice creams too at a bakery. Though there are several more items thats sold by the bakeries, but those mentioned products would be the most sold bakery items for the neighbourhood. Besides these, a bakery also sells cookies, bagels, tarts, crackers, pretzels etc. All the flour based items that are baked to eat are sold by a bakery. The concept of baked food is thousands of year old. It started from Europe and expanded to other parts of the world. Now there are uncountable bakeries all over the globe, so is the one, “Bliss Bakery”.

Bliss bakery is a small bakery, they have their outlet in the M block market of GK1 locality in New Delhi. The bakery has varied options to chose from. They got cakes, pastries, ice creams, hot & cold drinks, snacks, savouries etc. For the ones who got the sweet tooth, this is a lovely place to be. Though they don’t have much of a seating, but they do got incredible taste in their bakes. People here are mostly for takeaways or having a quick bite. I was here, unsure of having the snacks hot n fresh, there only or having it parcelled for home. Going through the options, I opted to have them then and there only so as to try the most of them for what I can and also the food tastes best when served hot n fresh, so getting them parcelled may not impress me as it would if I have them fresh.

Bliss Bakery: A tale of Sweetness 2

I started with pita bread with dips, hummus was in the jar, so having the hummus and pita bread was resulting in loads of hummus on the bread. Anyways, who doesn’t like hummus, the more on bread the more succulent it gets.

Bliss Bakery: A tale of Sweetness 3

Then there were sandwiches, I had a veg grilled sandwich, again a mouth watering delicacy from their kitchen. There were more sandwiches but being a vegetarian, I tried the veg one  only. They are the house bakers, so the breads had to be fresh and so were they.

What’s left were the cakes, the pastries and ice creams. There were lots of options to try from. I also had a dark chocolate dairy free sorbet, a red velvet cheese cake, banoffee tart and raspberry almond tart. I had a wonderful time and some toothsome bites.

P.S. They do home delivery as well.

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