Dim Sums Festival at Tanoshii Trail Delhi

Dim Sums Festival at Tanoshii Trail Delhi 1

Commencing of the winters has always meant warm and spicy delights to all the Delhites and what’s better than to start it with Dim sum festival. 

With an option for unlimited Dim sums of your choice from 18th November – 6th December from 12 pm – 6 pm (Monday to Friday), the Dim sums fest is on at Tanoshii Trail, the all-day dining restaurant at Greater Kailash and  Hudson Lane, promises to serve the most lip-smacking oriental delights. 

Dim Sums Festival at Tanoshii Trail Delhi 2

Head Chef Ujjal Tamang is here is to create magic with his rare composition creating perfect parcels of palpable flavors, in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. 

Tanoshii Trail is celebrating the onset of fall with a range of dim sums that are light on the tummy and a delight for the taste buds. “Dim sum: Bite-sized food, like tapas or bruschetta, comes from the Chinese concept of ‘yum cha’ or tea ceremony. Chinese have it with their tea. It originated in the Cantonese region and characterized by mild spices but robust flavors. Most dim sums are steamed, but not all. In India, dim sums are very popular for brunch or as appetizers. 

“Low on spices but not mean bland. If the seasoning is right, one doesn’t need spices” said Chef Ujjal Tamang who is presenting a tasting platter. The hallmark of a good dumpling is the thinness of its dough and the moistness of the filling so that one doesn’t need too much sauce, which would overpower the flavors.

The core reason behind this festival is to rejoice a snack of rural farmers taking respite in teahouses, which has now turned into a staple of Cantonese cuisine. 

From the desk of the owners, “The festival will let you sample an excellent selection of vegetarian & non-vegetarian dim sums & noodles. It will all be prepared in a range of styles along with different stuffing, served in various forms for you to choose from- steamed, baked, and shallow fried and pan-fried, you can take your pick.”

Dim Sums Festival at Tanoshii Trail Delhi 3

The special food festival will surely give all guests a memorable experience to enhance their taste buds. We are sure that this mouth-watering event will truly amaze all the food-lovers of the Delhi.”

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